ESSENCO (initially Nallaseth, Nair & Co) was founded in 1986 when companies involved in plumbing contracts in South India were mostly small family-run businesses. Extensive international experience possessed by members of the senior management enabled the establishment of a well-structured organisation with a fresh approach to the profession.

At a time when Plumbing was a neglected profession wherein no education/training programmes existed, ESSENCO pioneered in conducting in-house training for engineers and supervisors. This resulted in the creation of a team of talented, technically sound plumbing professionals. Many of these individuals have established their own consulting and contracting firms over the past 37 years.

Realising early the corporate responsibility to contribute towards improvement of standards in the plumbing profession, ESSENCO actively participated in promotion of the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA), the national body representing the plumbing industry. Mr. Sudhakaran Nair is one of the Founder Members of IPA and was its National President between 2006-’16. Mr. Nair was elected to the Executive Board of the World Plumbing Council (WPC) – the global body representing plumbing organisations – in 2005 as Director and retired from the body in 2016 as Chairman after serving the Council for nearly 12 years – a first for an Asian.

ESSENCO has maintained an in-house design department right from its inception and was probably the first Plumbing Contractor in India to offer detailed Working Drawings as part of its services. What was seen as an exception in the eighties has now become the norm in the industry. The core principle of the company, to approach Plumbing as a passion, rather than a business, has been inculcated in all its employees. This has been a key value differentiator for our discerning Clients and probably our main success factor.

ESSENCO is proud of nearly 400 projects it has been involved in during its operations over the last 37 years. The list has several repeat customers and includes 63 hotel projects, 51 software facilities, 85 residential and commercial projects, 9 hospitals, 9 institutional projects and 3 stadiums. Total volume of Plumbing & Fire Protection installations successfully completed so far is in excess of Rs.6300 million. Value of the largest single contract awarded to us is Rs.400 million.

The ESSENCO team now includes nearly 40 staff members and over 125 skilled technicians based at Bengaluru (corporate office) and at project sites across south India. The senior management who are recognised veterans in the profession, are actively involved in the operations. Additionally, a team of young Managers have been trained over the years to lead the company in future.